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Affordable Heavy Machinery Rentals

Our core focus is on offering machines that are 5-15 years old in excellent working condition. By opting for our rentals, you can enjoy significant cost savings compared to our competitors, without compromising on performance or reliability.

Get the equipment you need at affordable prices.

Our Machines


Cost Savings

Older machines are generally available at a lower cost compared to newer models. This can significantly reduce your initial investment or rental expenses, allowing you to allocate your budget to other project needs.

Lower Risk of Theft or Vandalism

Older machines may be less targeted by thieves or vandals compared to newer, more technologically advanced models. This can help reduce the risk of loss or damage to your equipment, saving you from potential financial and logistical complications.

Durability & Reliability

Older machines have a proven track record of durability. They have already withstood years of heavy use, indicating their robust construction and ability to handle tough job site conditions. These machines are often known for their reliability and ability to perform consistently.

Simplified Maintenance

Older machines often have simpler designs and mechanical systems, making maintenance and repairs easier and less complex. This can result in reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs, as parts and expertise for older models are generally more widely available.

Familiarity & Compatibility

Older machines may be familiar to operators and technicians who have experience working with them. This familiarity can enhance productivity and efficiency, as the workforce already knows how to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot these machines. Additionally, older machines may have a higher level of compatibility with existing attachments or equipment, saving time and effort.


Since older machines have been in the market for a longer time, they are often readily available for purchase or rental. This can be beneficial when you need equipment quickly, especially during peak seasons or time-sensitive projects.



1. Cost Savings

Affordable rental rates for well-maintained machines, saving you money compared to purchasing or brand new rentals.

2. Good Working Order

Machines that are 5-15 years old and in excellent working condition, ensuring reliability.

3. Wide Selection

A diverse range of machines available to suit your specific project needs.

4. Easy Fuel Provision

You only need to provide fuel, simplifying the rental process.

5. In-House Maintenance

Our own mechanics maintain the machines, reducing downtime and ensuring optimal performance.

6. Float Service Add-On

Streamline your project and save time by having us take care of transportation and logistics of the machine for you.

Float Service

1. Hassle-Free Transportation

Professional machine float services for secure and efficient equipment transport.

2. Experienced Team

Skilled operators who handle loading, securing, and delivery with care and expertise.

3. Timely Delivery

Prompt and reliable transport to and from your desired locations, keeping your projects on schedule.

4. Equipment Protection

Ensured safety and protection of your rented machinery during transit.

5. Comprehensive Solution

All-in-one service combining machine rentals and float services for convenience and efficiency.




24 Jutland Rd, Unit A
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
M8Z 2G9


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